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Las Vegas was built on gambling. Nowadays, gambling is just one of the many reasons for visiting the city. Still, most Las Vegas visitors gamble a little or a lot during their stay. Let’s be honest here, gambling is part of the Vegas experience and it will always be. You don’t necessarily have to be a high roller to enjoy Vegas. You’ll be able to find entertaining gambling opportunities for every budget. Penny to multiple dollar slot machines, videopoker, keno, craps, blackjack, poker, baccarat, Vegas has it all and more….

When we’re in Vegas we like to play a little here and there. We’re no heavy gamblers but we consider it entertainment. Take the free drinks and the people watching into account and an evening of gambling turns into an evening of great fun. And what’s better than ending your gambling session with a slight buzz from all the cocktails and a nice win at the tables or machines.

We would like to hear all about your gambling adventures. To be honest, chances are you’ll lose. Nothing new, we all know it happens. That’s why we want to hear your most exciting gambling stories. Played a great poker tournament and won big? Were you on a major roll at the craps tables? Hit a nice jackpot at the slot machines? Made a killing at the blackjack tables? We want to hear all about it.

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Jeff Civillico: Comedy In Action

General show information

Jeff Civillico started his new headliner show “Comedy In Action” in 2013 at The Quad Resort & Casino. His show is filled with audience interaction, physical comedy, stunts and juggling. It is a 2:00 pm family/child friendly show and performances are scheduled on each Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (until September 19th 2013. After this date, this show will not be available on Thursday) and Saturday. Prices start at $33 (plus tax & fees).

Nicole Marshall: Director of Sales at Staybridge Suites Las Vegas

This is a great family friendly show at the Quad. Enter through the front entrance (valet), go in to the left and on the left you will see a set of escalators. Go up and the showroom and box office are right there.

The showroom is small and intimate, so there is not a bad seat in the house. It’s set up old-Vegas style with tables and booths. I recommend spending the few extra dollars and getting the booth seating as there will be more room and more comfy
seating. The opening act we saw was a contortionist from America’s Got Talent. I was both amazed and grossed out all at the same time. Jeff recently did a special for The Travel Channel, Vegas Strip Search, where he was going all over to look for
talent. The winner got to open for his show one or a few nights. I saw the pilot and clips online and it looks like it’s leading to a lot of exciting opportunities with Travel Channel and beyond. I’m excited to see what’s next!

Jeff has an amazing talent for balance and shows this off with balancing various things on his head, juggling and even riding a unicycle. Now, I know what you are thinking, however it is not circus-cheesy. He adlibs comedy into his act and with the audience participation, it’s different and fresh each time. My party ranged from ages 8-65 and we all had a blast! His show is self produced, so I think it gives him more freedom to be expressive and really cater to the crowd. It’s an afternoon show (2:00pm) so you can easily fit it into your schedule. I would see the show while the prices are still amazing . Once a bigger hotel picks him up the prices are sure to go way up.

#1 Pro: Jeff’s personality
#1 Con: It’s a tie between being too short (I wanted more!) and being in the Quad.

Now, while we generally share Nicole’s opinion about every aspect of Las Vegas we do disagree with part of her “Con” for this show. It’s not a shame that it’s at the Quad. The overall condition of the resort has improved dramatically since the latest renovations and we have to admit: we like what they’ve done with the place. As soon as they renovate all the guest rooms as well this will actually be a decent mid-level resort (as long as they don’t jack up the prices considerably).